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About me!

Name: Susie
Age: 14
Siblings: two older brothers
Birthdate: June 15, 1989
Grade: 9
School: THS
Occupation: student, babysitter and summer camp counselor
Hobbies: Dance, cheerleading, basketball, singing, hanging out with my friends, chatting online, listening 2 music, and just normal teenaged girl stuff! And of coarse attending concerts and promoting my fav artists!!
Hair: Dirty Blonde with blonde highlites
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5"7 1/2
Residence: Ohio
When I became a fan: September 5, 2002 at an Aaron Carter concert in Cleveland, OH where I met Stevie.
Where I saw Stevie perform live:
-February 24, 2003 in Great Northern, OH as part of the Radio Disney Winter Wonderfest Tour. (45 minute drive)
-April 19, 2003 in Dayton, OH for his first hometown performance! (4 hour drive)
-July 20, 2003 performing 2x at Cleveland's Annual Kids Fest in Cleveland, OH (20 minute drive)
--July 21, 2003 mall signing and dance competiton at Parmatown Mall in Parma, OH (5 minute drive)
-November 23, 2003 in Moroeville, PA as part of the Jingle Jam tour. (2 hour drive)
-December 13, 2003 in Cleveland, OH on the Jingle Jam tour. (15 minute drive)
*Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for driving me on our fun "road trips" to all the concerts...and my brothers for sometimes coming along*

Music: Anything and everything, mostly pop and Kiss FM type music lol!
Singer: Of coarse Stevie Brock! Jer-Z and Triple Image are awesome 2! (love kiss fm artists)
Dancer: Josh Romero, Justin Molina and John Chanthasit aka the J-Crew.
Fast-food: Arby's and Subway
Color: Baby Blue and Creamy Pink
TV Show: 7th Heaven and The Real World. I watch mostly anything on MTV or the Disney Channel. lol!
Actress: Hilary Duff
Actor: Ashton Kutcher
Movie: A Walk to Remember and FINDING NEMO!!
Soda: Mountain Dew