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 Interview With Stevie Brock

October 15, 2002

By: Kristin Ponzio

Kristin: Hi thanks for being here, why dont you introduce yourself?

Stevie: Um Im Stevie Brock, Im 11 years old, my birthdays October 23rd, 1990 and um thats basically it.

Kristin: Happy Early Birthday by the way..

Stevie: Thank You.

Kristin: What has the music business been like for you so far?

Stevie: Um well theres not been a bunch of stuff, like not a lot of stuff has happened yet, but recording has been a lot of fun, so far everything is going great.

Kristin: Thats good, did you have fun when you were with Triple Image at their shows?

Stevie:  Yeah, yeah it was lots of fun

Kristin:  Have people started treating you any differently since youve been singing or anything?

Stevie:  No, not really

Kristin:  No crazy people coming up to you yet?

Stevie:  no  ::laughs::

Kristin:  Is singing something that youve always wanted to do?

Stevie:  Yeah, since I was about 2, I wanted to sing and I also wanted to be a football player, but mostly singing.

Kristin:  How did you first get discovered?

Stevie:  Um I was at a party, an after party, for 2 groups, b2k and pyt, and um, in Cincinatti, and pyts manager came up and I was singing to pyt and the manager of pyt came up to me and she said wow you have an amazing voice and she gave us her card and we just said hey, ya know, well call you.

Kristin:  Thats good, do you still plan to sing when you get older?

Stevie:  Yeah, yeah I hope that my career goes as long as it can and um I plan to sing till the day I die ::laughs::

Kristin:  Well I wish you the best of luck

Stevie:  Thank you

Kristin:  Who are your biggest influences?

Stevie:  Well my number 1 biggest influence is probably Justin Timberlake and then my Grandpa is actually a bluegrass singer, so he is one of them too.

Kristin:  Do you have any goals that you still have yet to reach?
Stevie:  No, I just hope that I get to do what I love and I hope the fans like it.

Kristin:  What has been your all time most embarrassing moment?

Stevie:  Ive had a lot of embarrassing moments, um, wow ::laughs::  I dont know, I dont have really a most embarrassing moment.

Kristin:  You dont have any of those were your pants rip on stage yet?

Stevie:  Oh no, not yet, actually at the talent show this year, no last year, my voice cracked, I was singing the Star Spangled Banner and I was going up the high parts and my voice was just like, it was like you couldnt hear it anymore, so that was pretty bad.

Kristin:  What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time besides singing?

Stevie:  I like to collect cards, just hang out with my friends, play basketball, football, you know all the basic sports, um I like to collect basketball and football cards, some baseball, but not much.

Kristin:  Do you have a favorite sports star?

Stevie:  Yeah, Bret Favre.

Kristin:  If you could work with any artist who would it be?

Stevie:  Justin Timberlake, or Nsync.

Krisitn:  What can we look forward to in the future with Stevie Brock?

Stevie:  Um, just music, and um hopefully good music and thats pretty much it.

Kristin:  Can you do your little part from Triple Images song?

Stevie:  Sure, okay  ::Sings::

Kristin:  awesome!

Stevie:  Thank you

Kristin:  Do you have any messages you would like to give to your fans?

Stevie:  Um, not much, just look forward to Stevie Brock and Ill be seeing you soon.

Kristin:  Thank you.

Stevie:  Thank you.