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Stevie's Bio

Stevie Brock is one of the freshest young stars to come out of Wright International Records and Entertainment (WIRE). Growing up on the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio, 12-year-old Stevie has had a gift for music all his life. At the age of two he began singing and took up songwriting when he was just 8-years-old.

Songwriting has played a large role in Stevies life. He writes lyrics and creates music that he sings fervently. These rhymes would pop into my head and Id write them down in my journal, says Stevie. Then after a while, music beats would form in my head and they would match up with the lyrics to the songs, and thats how I would put my songs together.

Stevie can be heard on fellow WIRE artist Triple Images album Celebrate singing a portion of the charming song Boy Next Door. He also made an appearance in Triple Images first music video. Stevie takes vocal lessons, acting classes, and choreography lessons regularly and has been deemed a natural by all who have seen him perform.

Stevie is currently recording his first album for WIRE with pop producer Gary Carolla (*NSYNC, Aaron Carter, Triple Image). With this album, he is poised to burst onto the teen pop audience.

With all this bottled-up talent, it is obvious that Stevie has the potential to make a name for himself in the music business. Whether it is with singing or songwriting, Stevie is determined to show the world what hes made of.