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2/4/03- Wow! This site is now over a year old already as of Jan 1! It's been hard to keep up with it cuz of computer problems, but I'm looking forward to the new year. I've talked with some teachers and I may be getting the chance to learn html...that means possibly a whole new site in the summer! I have tons of scans and media I want to share with you all--and I'd love to have more updates. Hopefully by the end of this semister slowly but surely I can give that all to you. For the time being I will check up on the site and add info as it comes. Thanks for being so patient!
9/19/03- I added and fixed some links. I updated the fanlist. Hope to work more soon!
9/12/03-OMG IT'S A MIRACLE! I UPDATED! WOW! We've been gone from the site all summer. I was busy with work and well it was summer! lol! And now I've been really busy with school, dance and cheerleading but that doesn't mean I can't run a site! haha! We're back and better than and ever! There is so much to be done here! Thanks for everyone's e-mails..we will take those into considertaion and be adding you to the fan list soon! Feel free to e-mail us at I was lucky enough to see Stevie and the whole gang over the summer. I have tons of pics and you can go in the pics section to see those! I am gonna try and update my pics section so you can see all of my pics from September until currently! I went through and updated most of the info on the site. Everything was outdated example: Stevie's height said 5"4 and that boy has grown to be a well 5"6 around now and he's still growing! Just click around and see everything has been updated and a new page is featured on Stevie's pets! OK well I really needa get going but I hope to update again this month! I'll try to update at LEAST ONCE a month! Thanks!
5/4/03-Thank you Candice, Ashley, Lauren and Ashley all for signing my guestbook! Wow! I finally found time 2 update. I updated pretty much everything here and there. I'm not completly satisfied...but this will do for now. Thanks you guys for checking this site out! You are all so awesome! Muah!
4/25/03- Hey guys! I've been so so busy lately! I'm so sorry! I'm gonna try and update weekly now. I'm going 2 be getting pics up soon from Dayton. I have lots of cute pics from Dayton so loook out for those. I will try and update 2morrow cuz there is so much 2 do!
3/21/03-Stevie will be doing a live chat at 9PM today on his Street Team. Be sure to check that out. Thankyou Bobby for signing my guestbook. Thanks 2 Courtney for your awesome Stevie poem. I put it up in the Dear Stevie...section.
3/20/03- Geeze! It's almost been a month since I updated! Sorry guys! Thanks 2 Cami, Ally, Lauren, Jennifer, Dierdre and Sarah for signing the guestbook.  I added Connie and Courtney 2 the fan list! Check out It is now open and it's awesome! I actually updated a lil bit here and there. MOST importantly I finally updated pictures. I now moved 2 picturetrail! There is a link under pictures and there are lots of pictures in there. Most of them are mine that I took when I saw Stevie on tour. Check it out!
2/25/03- Wow I'm back! I was so suprised. I thought like no one came on my site and suprisingly I had 11 e-mails from you guys! I wrote back and thanks to all of you who wrote me. Thanks BooboobearShea, Kirst, Emily and Ashley for signing the guestbook! I added Katie and Jennifer to the fan list. Well I've been really busy lately-in fact yesterday I saw someone-STEVIE! lol! He was really sweet and I met his stepmom Lydia and she introduced me to his dad Jim. They were all really nice. I gave him a lil gift! (I hope he likes it!) Well I'll tell you guys all the details lata. I updated the fan list and a day in the life of Stevie. Make sure to come back 2 the site soon cuz upcoming we are planning 2 add-sounds, clips, my experience at the concert, my personal pictures from the concert!
2/9/03- I have a new e-mail adress special for the site. Please e-mail me now at instead of my personal AOL adress. Thankyou to Chelsey, Monkey Nanners, Josh and Liana all for signing the guestbook!
2/7/03-Today I did just a couple minute updates. I added a link the the official Stevie Brock site. They now have some stuff up on it, be sure 2 check it out. I also added some info on some of the tour dates. I added stuff on a day in the life of stevie, favorites, apperances and that's about it.
2/6/03- First off thanks Lauren, Ashley, Nancy, Kate, Katy, Olivia, Keli, Jenifer, and Katie all for signing the guestbook! I'm going 2 try and update at least 1 time every week but I'm not to sure if that's gonna happen. Today I updated bits and pieces all throughout the site. There is a pic of Stevie and I on the "about me" page. Some updated parts are in tour, appearnces, facts and other sections too. I'm thinking about maybe having a contest soon so make sure you visit back! If anyone knows how to change my pics section so it is neater plz let me know. Thanks!
1/24/03- I finally updated! I'm sry it's been like forever guys! I've just been so busy. But I updated alot. Click around and check out all the new stuff. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who signed the guestbook! Go to and be sure to vote for Stevie's single "All for Love". I'll try and get a clip of the song up on the site soon. I've been updating alot 2day and now I gotta go. Buh~byes and Brock on!
1/15/03- I haven't been able to update latley because I've been pretty busy with school. I just wanted to wish a Happy 11th B-day to Kate! And Congrats to Shea who won a phone call from Stevie from the Officail Street Team. Shea decided to give the call to her cousin Taylor. Wow! Taylor has one nice cousin!
1/11/03- I added Melea and Olivia to the fanlist!
1/10/03- I updated Facts, Favorites and Apperances. I talked to Stevie in a chat on the 8th. He is going to Radio Disney in Texas I think sometime soon.
1/9/03- HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! Today I changed my brother's age on "About the Webmaster" page. Steven turned 15 today. (He is my older brother, not Stevie Brock. lol) And Thanks Michelle for signing the guestbook.
1/8/03- Sorry I'm not really updating. Once Stevie goes on tour I'm sure I'll be updating alot more. I sent Stevie a link to this site and he e-mailed me back and said it's an awesome site. Aw! He's so sweet. You just gotta love that boy. Check out the Street Team to see Stevie in his tux. He looks so cute!
1/6/03- Sorry I didn't add anything yesterday. I was having trouble with my internet connection. I think everything is working now. Today I added Kristin from Kentucky to the fan list. Thanks Kristin for signing the guest book! I think the site is gonna stay how it is for a while cuz I don't know what else I can add. If you have any ideas e-mail me. Just added a new Stevie pic on the Fan List page. Thanks Jilly for signing the guestbook! Laterz.
1/4/03- There's not much I can update now. Sorry my pic page is kinda messed up, I'm not sure how I can organize that. I added Liz and Lauren to the Fan List and thanks to Kate and Shea for signing the guestbook!I added 1 more link on the links page.
1/3/03- Alright, I've been working on this site non-stop. It's officaily opened! I hope you all like it. Just remember this is my first site. I'm gonna try and update often. I also just added Marjorie to the fan list!
1/2/03-I was up all night working on this. I've been working really hard. I hope this turns out good.
1/1/03- Just started working on the site. Will open it soon.