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Basic Facts

Name: Stephen Ray Brock
Nicknames: Stevie
Record Label: WIRE Records
Management: Magic Beam Entertainment
Birthday: October 23, 1990
Age: 13
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: GREEN! Some peole think they are hazel but his eyes are GREEN!
Height: 5"7 and still growing
Shoe Size: 9 and growing
Weight: 120 pounds and growing
Siblings: none
Father: James "Jim"
Mother: Vicki
Stepmother: Lydia
School: attended public school, started tutoring while on the road and now full-time homeschooled!
Relationship Status: Single and Available
Residence: the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio
Grade: 7
Hobbies: sports and video games
Role Models: Justin Timberlake and Dad (Stevie says his Dad is always there for him)
Football Team: Stevie played for a football team coached by his Dad. The team was located around his hometown. He no longer plays for a team, but still enjoys watching his friends play when he gets the chance.
Football Posistion: Stevie played quarterback, runningback, cornerback, and safety! (NO LONGER PLAYS FBALL FOR A TEAM)
Started: Has been performing since about 2. Stevie started writing his own songs around the age of 8.
Founded: He was singing for PYT while their manager walked in. The manager liked his voice. She knew Johnny Wright and got him and Stevie in touch. It's all history from there.
Pets: 2 dogs named Bart and Zoe. 1 cat named Buster.
First Music Video: "Last One Standing" by Triple Image
First Song Recorded: "The Boy Next Door" by Triple Image
Magazine Apperances: Teen Beat, Popstar, Dream Street Magazine, BOP, Ignite, J-14, Tiger Beat,  and Billboard Magazine, M Magazine, as well as  many more 2 come!
Best Friend: Scottie
Other Friends You May Spot At Shows: Ethan, Andrew, Brandon etc.
Tid Bits of Info!
-A girl at Stevie's school licked his locker! EW! Stevie quotes, "Tongue to locker!" GROSS!
-Stevie's stepmom is a professional make-up artist.
-Stevie was nominated for the 2003 Radio Disney Awards
-Stevie says he will never ever try smoking
-Stevie's bedroom has Ohio State and Green Bay stuff everywhere
-Stevie 1st knew he was famous when he saw himself in a teen mag
-The 1st song Stevie ever wrote was called "Little Waves"
-Stevie claims to be a night person